Podcast series: A beginners guide to Neoliberalism

Neoliberalism dominates economics like never before. Most academic and City economists are signed up to its ideas, and neoliberal thinking is behind the policies of almost all Western governments, seen most starkly in the recent treatment of Greece by its Eurozone partners.

But what is neoliberalism and how did it become so dominant? Why was it so widely discredited after World War II, and how did it make a comeback? Does the stranglehold of neoliberal thinking limit policy choices or even pose a threat to democracy itself?

In this excellent series of podcasts from the New Economics Foundation (NEF), Kirsty Styles and her guests introduce neoliberal ideas, explore how they affect our lives and look at some of challenges to this dominant way of thinking. You don’t need to know anything at all about economics to listen to these podcasts, and even old hands will find them useful and enjoyable. These are the ideas that rule the world, so it’s worth taking a few minutes now and then to try to understand them!

We will post new episodes here when they come out. You can listen to them here, or head over the NEF website to subscribe to whole series. Alternatively, all podcasts are available on the iTunes store.